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The Do’s and Don’t of Eyelash Extensions

When you get a beautiful set of lashes, you want them to stay beautiful…Am I right?  Here is a quick list of do’s and don’t to help you have healthy and long lasting eyelash extensions. DON’T allow any oil or oil type products get near or on your lash extensions.  Oils break down the adhesive […]

Summer Time Care 2.0 Heat and Lash Extensions

  As a follow up to my previous blog, here is more tips for maintaining beautiful lashes throughout the summer.     Summertime to me, means barbecues  and campfires.   Awesome juicy steaks, chilled wine or beer then s’mores around the campfire later.  Unfortunately Bbq’s and campfires also means singed/melted lashes!  Melting your lashes is not […]

Summer Fun: Sunscreen and Lash Extensions

I live in Regina Saskatchewan,  it’s cold here, cold enough that it feels that winter lasts forever.  I have been dreaming about summer for weeks now.  I have been dreaming about boating, fishing, sitting around the campfire and enjoying that special summer time cocktail.  As I dream of what will surely be The Best Summer […]

Myth Busting: Water and Lash Extensions

As a lasher when I see “Please avoid water for 24hrs”, this piece of advice drives me crazy! Avoiding water for 24hrs is an Urban Legend,  when I say Urban Legend I mean that this was thought to be true a very long time ago.  When semi-permanent lash adhesive was first on the market we […]