The Do’s and Don’t of Eyelash Extensions

When you get a beautiful set of lashes, you want them to stay beautiful…Am I right?  Here is a quick list of do’s and don’t to help you have healthy and long lasting eyelash extensions.

DON’T allow any oil or oil type products get near or on your lash extensions.  Oils break down the adhesive reulting in poor retention.  This includes eye creams, cleaning your skin with oils and most liquid liners.  Also avoind waterproof mascara and liners as well!

DON’T use an eyelash curler!!!!

Eyelash curlers will break your extensions and your natural lashes.  This one is big because the result is no lashes  means no fix.  No one wants to have bald lashes!

DON’T pick or rub your lashes.

Hands Off!!!  Picking or rubbing your lashes will damage your natural lashes at worst, at best you are introducing bacteria and excess oils which may cause eye infections and affect retention.

DON’T sleep on your face

For those of you that do sleep on your face, I get it,  a good night sleep is seriously important.  I do have a few tricks that can help.  Try using a silk or bamboo pillow case…there is less friction on the lashes during ZZZ time.  Also investing in a special eye mask will also help tremendously…again less friction.

DO clean your lashes.

Clean lashes at least once a day and even twice a day if you are in allergy season.  Clean lashes when done properly help with retention,  removing all oils,dust and allergens also helps with sensitivity issues.

DO brush your lashes

Brushing your lashes is essential to keeping your extensions beautiful and comfortable

Last but not Least…

Prebook your refill appointments.

Prebooking insures you get the time that you want, when you want.

One last thing…..

If you have any issues,  big or small please contact your lash tech.  We want to provide you with the best customer service. The health of your eyes is the utmost importance to us.

Summer Time Care 2.0 Heat and Lash Extensions

  As a follow up to my previous blog, here is more tips for maintaining beautiful lashes throughout the summer.
  Summertime to me, means barbecues  and campfires.   Awesome juicy steaks, chilled wine or beer then s’mores around the campfire later.  Unfortunately Bbq’s and campfires also means singed/melted lashes!  Melting your lashes is not hard to do, in fact all it takes is that hot blast of heat when you open your Bbq lid, or sitting to close to the campfire on May long weekend.
  Most people don’t know that they can melt their lash extensions or what they look and feel like after you have toasted them. Burnt lashes, at worst melt together at the tips, at best they look like a crochet hooks close up.  When you melt your lashes, you generally don’t know you have done it,  thankfully they don’t burst into flames( how scary would that be?)
Solstice Summer Tips 2.0
  So how do you know if you have melted your lashes?  Worst case scenario you can see them all melted together or the more likely scenario is when you go to brush them the next day and you feel a lot of tugging mostly at the tips of your lashes.  If you see or feel this contact your Lash Stylist immediately.  If you are unable to get a professional to fix them, know that every time you brush out your lashes you are putting a lot of stress on the natural lash by all the tugging and pulling,  which in turn will encourage the natural lash to “shed” faster.
  So now you want to know how to prevent this lash disaster,  sadly there is only a couple of things  you can do.  You can always wear sunglasses when barbecuing and sitting around the fire,  if you do this can you please send me a video with the song by  Cory Hart ” Sunglasses at Night” playing in the background…that would be HILARIOUS!!!!!  ok,  with all seriousness, the only thing to prevent this tragedy is to be aware of the heat,  be aware of how close you are and turn your face away when you know you are going to get a blast.  Just remember it is not the flames but the heat that will melt those lashes!
And now a tasty salad that is perfect for those hot summer days …no heat required.
1 seedless watermelon (cut into bite-sized pieces or scooped out by a melon baller which is fancy)
½ of a red onion (minced)
Fresh cracked black pepper
½ of a bag of feta cheese
Add all these ingredients together by gently stirring then just before serving add in
Good quality Balsamic Vinegar.
Gently toss again
*this salad does not taste better the next day….I found that out the hard way…YUCK!
** and because I think I’m hilarious here is the link to Cory Hart “Sunglasses at Night”

Summer Fun: Sunscreen and Lash Extensions

I live in Regina Saskatchewan,  it’s cold here, cold enough that it feels that winter lasts forever.  I have been dreaming about summer for weeks now.  I have been dreaming about boating, fishing, sitting around the campfire and enjoying that special summer time cocktail.  As I dream of what will surely be The Best Summer Ever! (I say that every year),  I know that there can be challenges to wearing lash extensions and Summer Fun.
  The first thing is sunscreen.  We all need it, especially out on the water.  Using sunscreen and taking care of our skin is a necessity, knowing which sunscreen is oil free and compatible with your lash extensions can be a challenge though.  I have compiled a list of products that I believe will work well with your extensions and available in Canada
  I hope that all of you enjoy your summer….I know I will


**Bonus summer time cocktail recipe “Easy Summer Time Moscow Mule”


  – Derma E anti-oxidant
   -spf 30


  -Juice Beauty
  -spf 30


  -spf 40


   -spf 30


   -Coppertone oil free
   -spf 30
   -also comes in a water proof spray spf 50


    -Aveeno Protect and Hydrate
    -spf 30
     – water proof and sweat proof


      -Hawaiin Tropic Sheer Touch
      -spf 30
       -water proof


****Easy  Summer Time Fun Moscow Mule*****


What you need


-Cute Moscow Mule Copper Mugs
-Chilled Jamaican Ginger Beer From Superstore
-Chilled Vodka (get brave and try some flavored vodka…like watermelon!)
-Cocktail Shaker (optional)


How to Make:
-place hand full of ice in the copper mug
-add 1oz of Vodka
-top with Jamaican Ginger Beer
-squeeze of Lime
-Quick mix




**Please Don’t Drink and Drive

Myth Busting: Water and Lash Extensions

As a lasher when I see “Please avoid water for 24hrs”, this piece of advice drives me crazy!

Avoiding water for 24hrs is an Urban Legend,  when I say Urban Legend I mean that this was thought to be true a very long time ago.  When semi-permanent lash adhesive was first on the market we as lashers didn’t understand the science behind the product.  We thought that water would compromise the bonding process.

In the last 6-7 years lash artists and supply companies have done extensive studies on this myth.  These “myth Busters” have since found that semi-permanent adhesive cures with moisture. They had found that curing the adhesive with moisture not only cures the adhesive faster but also helps with uncomfortable fumes and irritated eyes.  Our fabulous “Myth Busters” of the lash industry have also recently found that gently washing the lashes after the service can also relieve allergic type symptoms.


So wash those lashes ladies and gentleman.  A clean lash line is more comfortable and insures years of waking up beautiful.



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