Myth Busting: Water and Lash Extensions

As a lasher when I see “Please avoid water for 24hrs”, this piece of advice drives me crazy!

Avoiding water for 24hrs is an Urban Legend,  when I say Urban Legend I mean that this was thought to be true a very long time ago.  When semi-permanent lash adhesive was first on the market we as lashers didn’t understand the science behind the product.  We thought that water would compromise the bonding process.

In the last 6-7 years lash artists and supply companies have done extensive studies on this myth.  These “myth Busters” have since found that semi-permanent adhesive cures with moisture. They had found that curing the adhesive with moisture not only cures the adhesive faster but also helps with uncomfortable fumes and irritated eyes.  Our fabulous “Myth Busters” of the lash industry have also recently found that gently washing the lashes after the service can also relieve allergic type symptoms.


So wash those lashes ladies and gentleman.  A clean lash line is more comfortable and insures years of waking up beautiful.



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