Summer Fun: Sunscreen and Lash Extensions

I live in Regina Saskatchewan,  it’s cold here, cold enough that it feels that winter lasts forever.  I have been dreaming about summer for weeks now.  I have been dreaming about boating, fishing, sitting around the campfire and enjoying that special summer time cocktail.  As I dream of what will surely be The Best Summer Ever! (I say that every year),  I know that there can be challenges to wearing lash extensions and Summer Fun.
  The first thing is sunscreen.  We all need it, especially out on the water.  Using sunscreen and taking care of our skin is a necessity, knowing which sunscreen is oil free and compatible with your lash extensions can be a challenge though.  I have compiled a list of products that I believe will work well with your extensions and available in Canada
  I hope that all of you enjoy your summer….I know I will


**Bonus summer time cocktail recipe “Easy Summer Time Moscow Mule”


  – Derma E anti-oxidant
   -spf 30


  -Juice Beauty
  -spf 30


  -spf 40


   -spf 30


   -Coppertone oil free
   -spf 30
   -also comes in a water proof spray spf 50


    -Aveeno Protect and Hydrate
    -spf 30
     – water proof and sweat proof


      -Hawaiin Tropic Sheer Touch
      -spf 30
       -water proof


****Easy  Summer Time Fun Moscow Mule*****


What you need


-Cute Moscow Mule Copper Mugs
-Chilled Jamaican Ginger Beer From Superstore
-Chilled Vodka (get brave and try some flavored vodka…like watermelon!)
-Cocktail Shaker (optional)


How to Make:
-place hand full of ice in the copper mug
-add 1oz of Vodka
-top with Jamaican Ginger Beer
-squeeze of Lime
-Quick mix




**Please Don’t Drink and Drive
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