The Do’s and Don’t of Eyelash Extensions

When you get a beautiful set of lashes, you want them to stay beautiful…Am I right?  Here is a quick list of do’s and don’t to help you have healthy and long lasting eyelash extensions.

DON’T allow any oil or oil type products get near or on your lash extensions.  Oils break down the adhesive reulting in poor retention.  This includes eye creams, cleaning your skin with oils and most liquid liners.  Also avoind waterproof mascara and liners as well!

DON’T use an eyelash curler!!!!

Eyelash curlers will break your extensions and your natural lashes.  This one is big because the result is no lashes  means no fix.  No one wants to have bald lashes!

DON’T pick or rub your lashes.

Hands Off!!!  Picking or rubbing your lashes will damage your natural lashes at worst, at best you are introducing bacteria and excess oils which may cause eye infections and affect retention.

DON’T sleep on your face

For those of you that do sleep on your face, I get it,  a good night sleep is seriously important.  I do have a few tricks that can help.  Try using a silk or bamboo pillow case…there is less friction on the lashes during ZZZ time.  Also investing in a special eye mask will also help tremendously…again less friction.

DO clean your lashes.

Clean lashes at least once a day and even twice a day if you are in allergy season.  Clean lashes when done properly help with retention,  removing all oils,dust and allergens also helps with sensitivity issues.

DO brush your lashes

Brushing your lashes is essential to keeping your extensions beautiful and comfortable

Last but not Least…

Prebook your refill appointments.

Prebooking insures you get the time that you want, when you want.

One last thing…..

If you have any issues,  big or small please contact your lash tech.  We want to provide you with the best customer service. The health of your eyes is the utmost importance to us.

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